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Central Air Conditioning Guide New lenox, Illinois

Summertime temperatures leaving you hot under the collar? In New lenox, IL the vast majority of homes have some sort of system to keep those indoor temperatures down in the summer. At B&B Heating & Cooling, Inc. we are residential comfort specialists. Installing or replacing central air can be a significant project, so you’ll want to get it right. Our expert air conditioner techs can evaluate you system and your needs and recommend a course of action thats best for you.

ADP TG1K648D175B2205
Upon arrival the Tech. found the American Standard AC System from 2003 is not cooling due to being low on R22 Refrigerant. An Electronic Leak Check was performed, and a leak was found in the A-Coil. At a minimum, the A-Coil will need to be replaced and the AC System Pressure Tested, Pumped into a Vacuum, and Charged to Manufacturer Specifications.
New Lenox, IL

American Standard HVAC 7A0048A1000
Conducted Spring PM on one American Standard unit. Inspected refrigerant levels and electrical components and cleaned condenser. AC fully operational at departure.
New Lenox, IL

Upon arrival the Tech. found the I.C.P. R22 AC System from 1995 was not working due to an un-repairable leak at the Evaporator Coil. Our recommendation is to replace the existing AC System with a Goodman 2-1/2 Ton 13 SEER (R410A) Condenser, a matched 2-1/2 Ton A-Coil, Fabricate and Install a Custom Sheet Metal Transition to accommodate the new A-Coil, Flush the existing refrigerant lines, Replace the Electrical Whip at the New AC Condenser, and Pressure Test, Pump into Vacuum, and Check that the AC System is at Manufacturers Refrigerant Specifications.

New Lenox, IL

Goodman VSX130361
Upon arrival the Tech. found the Goodman AC system from 2016 running at very high head pressure. Chemcially Cleaned the Condenser that was completely blocked. Also had to remove some Freon, because the unit was way over charged. Pressures are better but still creeps higher then goes back down. Superheat number is correct with the Freon Charge. Found water leak to be a bad piercing valve on water line.
New Lenox, IL